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NESHAP or fall within an exemption. 

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Discharge no visible emissions to the outside air from any part of the operation, or use the methods specified by Sec. 

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ACM is properly managed, release of asbestos fibers into the air is minimized.

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The methods discussed include not only those used in the gutting of building interiors prior to razing, but also those used during razing itself.

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Situations Involving Asbestos Appendix B For all RACM, including material that has been removed or stripped: Adequately wet the material and ensure that it remains wet until collected and contained or treated in preparation for disposal in accordance with Sec.

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First, inspect the facility and determine the amount of RACM that may have to be removed or disturbed to repair the facility.

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Inspects the enclosure or regulated area during construction, and approve, prior to completion and before asbestos abatement is implemented.

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Personal air sampling is not the same as area air monitoring.

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The NESHAP for asbestos prescribes work practices for demolition and renovation of buildings found to contain asbestos.

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When does a notification need to be revised?