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Senators Ask CIA for 'Zero Dark Thirty' Documents.

Britain neither uses, condones nor facilitates torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment.

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CIA employees, but these officials say they do not know if anyone in the Post management was aware of the arrangements.

The CIA Shared Classified UFO Documents to Celebrate the.

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Patterson, to ask if the tape had been analyzed at ATIC.

The arrest or detention of anyone by government forces followed by a refusal to acknowledge the detention or whereabouts of the person, is considered an enforced disappearance under human rights law.

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NASA rover has landed on Mars in an epic quest to bring back rocks that could answer whether life ever existed on the red planet.

The records include UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the Stargate programme, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists.

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It has taken years of investigation, by journalists, lawyers, parliamentarians and human rights investigators, for the broad contours of the programme to be revealed.

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Records have been made available online for the first time having previously been stored.

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Although I was not able to see anything due to the darkness, I was able to smell and taste the blood that was falling down my throat.

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This is a great point, having an open mind to these sort of things is very important. After the Afghan forces left, villagers discovered the bodies of three of the men who had been taken.

Interrogators submitted a plan for approval to CIA Headquarters closely mirroring that requested for other detainees.

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