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When resigning as trustee, deeds, then the Beneficiary taking that mortgaged property will take that property subject to that mortgage and the Beneficiary will not be entitled to have the mortgage paid out or resolved from the remaining assets or residue of this Living Trust.

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After the death of the Grantor, a joint power with respect to community property or to marital property under the Uniform Marital Property Act held by individuals married to each other is a power exercisable by one person alone.

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The most common use is to keep your ownership interest of Florida real estate or other personal property confidential and private because the Florida Land Trust keeps your name off the public record.

This Living Trust will be known as The __________ Revocable Living Trust. 


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Use exactly the same form of your name as is used on the deed that transferred the property to you and you used in your living trust document.

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We will form an anonymous Colorado Limited Liability Company to act as Beneficiary for your land trust. Once you find out, and keep all information accurate between you and the insurance company.

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