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The manual reflects the changes undergone by the publishing industry in response to the digital age, and the subsequent evolution in the way in which authors and publishers work.

Unlike online sources which exist on a computer service or network and are subject to continual revision, portable electronic sources are published and released at fixed points in time.

Race, Class, and African American Suburban Dreams in the Postwar United States.

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  • Endnotes are primarily used for books and select scholarly publications.
  • Unlike the MLA and the APA, no parenthetical information is required.
  • The Debate over Annexing Texas and the Emergence of Manifest Destiny.


This will insert a superscript number in the text of your document, and prompt you to write the corresponding footnote at the bottom of the page. Footnotes are placed in numerical order at the bottom of the page on which their corresponding superscript references appear.

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  • They are rarely listed in the Chicago style bibliography.
  • Each note is called an endnote.
  • Personally, I loathe text citations, as they break up the text and make it very confusing to read.

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  • Chicago manual handy while readers will appear in chicago example.
  • Each citation gets a new number.
  • Minneapolis: Good Books Press.
  • Day Month Year of Treaty.
  • In Podcast Series, Producer.

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  • If, however, you are using two or more works by that author, you must indicate which of the works you are citing.
  • How you reference sources through numbered footnote or endnote citation as opposed to in text citation.
  • Excessive writing tasks at times cause much fatigue to the students.
  • Item, Date, Collection Name, Repository Name, Place.
  • Navigating the Heteronormativity of Engineering: The Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students.
  • Say goodbye to losing marks on your assignment!
  • Other quotes that could be offset include poetry, letters or groups of short quotations.
  • To maintain slide width: slides.

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Page Range of Article.

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  • First Name first, ed.
  • The complete guide online, with rules and examples.
  • London: Cassell and Company, Ltd.
  • If no alternative is available, then include as much information as you can in your citation.


While writing names and numbers, use the full names of people as well as agencies the initial time.

Place your cursor at the point in the text where you want the superscript number to go.

Author Last Name, First Name.


When citing poems in Chicago Style, cite it as you would a chapter in a book.

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Title case and style footnotes

One inch margins on sides, top and bottom.

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Generate your APA citations for free!

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Appendix: Paper Format and Submission.


If there is more than one of any given contributor, include their full names in the order they appear on the source.

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If so, what would the formatting look like?

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