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Who Could Develop Cancer from Roundup?


The safety of Roundup is questionable at best.


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Testicular and other types of cancer of the male reproductive system are more common among men whose occupation requires them to apply pesticides on a regular basis.Support.

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According to the Agricultural Health Study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, male farmers have a higher cancer risk than many other occupations due to their continual exposure to harmful carcinogens such as glyphosate.

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The number of lawsuits that have followed after these initial cases is currently in the thousands.

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Not every herbicide contains glyphosate.

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Has any legal action been taken against Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup based on these findings? Exposure to the glyphosate in Round Up may occur from normal use in rural and agricultural communities due to airborne drift, runoff into potential drinking water sources, and residues in food crops.

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In humans, this has caused the development of cancer and harm to pregnant women and their unborn babies. After weeks of trial proceedings the jury issued a unanimous verdict on Aug 10 201 ordering Monsanto to pay 250 million in punitive damages and 392 million in compensatory damages for failing to warn consumers that exposure to Roundup weed killer causes cancer.