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  • At sale invoice number entered or enter. 
  • When you print invoices, the system advances the order to the next step according to the order activity rules. 
  • Make sure that the total amount of the deposit equals to the amount deposited at the bank. 
  • Enter the sales order number for the order to be invoiced or click the Lookup. 
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  • Record the approval processing information in the Audit Log Transaction table. 
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I noticed that most of my tutorials related to entering income in QuickBooks or cover how to enter invoices. 

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  • How Coronavirus Panic Buying Hurts Low Income Families 
  • If you leave it blank an invoice number will be generated automatically. 
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  • Plant fields on the Sales Order Detail Revisions form do not allow edits. 
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Select this when you need to include the payment amount on the VAT Return before despatching the goods.

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