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Declare the SELF parameter as either an IN or an IN OUT parameter.


Allows access to current clock; two digit hour, minute, second, hundreths.

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Length Gets the size, in bytes, of the current file.




This means that a linkage item in a called program that is linked to a data item by the SET statement does not remain linked on subsequent invocations of the program; the SET statement needs to be executed in each invocation.

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The IMPLICIT NONE statement can occur only once in a subprogram.

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Identifies the database to which the UPDATE statement is issued.

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PIKT will automatically substitute the correct version for you. Many builtin functions in STANDARD will be flagged with this warning by means of a pragma.

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Before the TS is compiled it should be possible to minify it. In addition, unprocessed parts can be identified in source listings in a different color.