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Landward: the area inland from the shore that can be supported and defended directly from the sea.

Who knew that high necked white gown Princess Leia wears in A New Hope could be so sexy?  

Homeschool Mom Blog with Free Printables, Curriculum, Preschool, and More! In stockpile planning, munitions stocked on the basis of expected daily expenditure rate, the number of combat days, and the attrition rate assumed, to counter targets the number of which is unknown.

Southern India, this game involves a ball and a pile of flat stones. You will be surprised how many words you will find for bathroom and loo is one of them!

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Lao people, who are the dominant ethnic group in the country today. Is closely related names are wondering what happens in reference line climbing a pressure.



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  • After he was diagnosed with cancer, he feels as if he is living on borrowed time.
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Curious Minds Busy Bags, Please do not modify for commercial use.

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These laptop stands are ideal for comfort while using the computer.

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Information Technology Terms beginning with L Techopedia.

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Later, on fenced ranches, a line rider would watch for, and repair, damaged fencing.


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Similar names are Corrine, Korrine and Lorrie.


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Greek name Alina, the Old German name Caroline, the Slavic name Karolina, and the Arabic and Latin name.

See also sea control operations.

Team them with the leggings above for an extra retro look!

Greek names Eleanor and Leonora.

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Years later he unwittingly killed Laius in a quarrel on the road. Teaching it as part of vocabulary lessons is an important part of linguistic development.

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The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

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She is a Netflix junkie, and you can often find her curled up on the couch with her cat, Millie.

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