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Based on the hearing, the Executive Committee of the Council of Bishopsshall determine whether the accused is guilty of each charge of misconduct.

While the individuals will still carry the pain of a failed relationship, our church will not hold this sin against them causing them to forfeit any fellowship or ministry opportunities.

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The pastor should call for volunteer witnesses who wish to sustain the charges by testimony, allowing the accused, in an orderly way, to question the witnesses.


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If, following this process, there is no consensus, then the issue is postponed.

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The Council of Bishops shall develop guidelines for Conference Executive Councils to follow in establishingtheir restoration programs.

The history and potential of burial societies in creating basic Christian communities in South Africa.

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However, if at the time the pastorate is terminated, there are pending charges or an ongoing investigation against the credentialed minister, his amenability shall remain in the onference to which he was seconded until the matter is settled.

What if conflict with regards pentecostal holiness over their duties as staff is recommended that there was dependent for worship no entity may grant a lack succession?

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This fact does not justify an attitude of permissibility or even favorability by God of any or all of these views.

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So, it is not so much what postmodernism affirms, but what it rejects that helps Archer defend its use.

New Testament apostolic pattern by teaching and encouraging believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

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