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We have tutors for all levels including primary school, high school, college, university and casual study, and including online or offline tuition or group or personal lessons.

With a shopping village at its heart, Remuera offers a selection of small independent shops and boutiques.

It is the art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

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The teachers are so lovely and Jacob has learnt so much and has come so far.

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  • Singapore Maths for teaching mathematics to children.
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Singapore Math aims to give children a fun and fantastic experience with Math.

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  • Singapore Math curriculum is delivered through personalised learning in small class size.
  • Looking for Singapore Math help?

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  • Singapore Math enrichment program in the world.
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This has widened her scope of teaching skills in Maths.

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Build grammar skills using this activity and answer key for an article about Betsy Ross.

How many of us struggle to get our children interested in Math?

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When a topic is introduced to the child for the first time, lots of easy questions are given to strengthen the concept clarity.

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Make copies of both sheets for students.

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Feedback that are more proficient at home through personalised learning and concepts

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Their confidence levels have increased and I will definitely recommend this program to my friends.

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The once a week guidance provided by our Trainers gently steers your child in the right learning direction and provides encouragement and motivation, as they journey into the world of Mathematics.

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Our worksheets are designed to hone the most relevant skills and methods for your child to excel in Singapore Math.

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She enjoys and looks forward to her classes.