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Explain the impact of the new technology that emerged during the Industrial Revolution, including changes that promoted the industrialization of textile production in England and the impact of interchangeable parts and mass production.

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Many planters were good businessmen, buying and selling crops and slaves at the best price.


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By examining maps, letters, drawings, documents, cartoons, paintings, and statistics, students will be able to explain in writing how the information in primary sources can be evidence in answering a provocative historical question.

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Nation of Agents: American Path to a Modern Self and Society. Founders, even those who held slaves, shared in their public and private writings and speeches that they were troubled by slavery and saw the institution as a moral abomination and unjust because it violated the principles of liberty, equality, and consent.

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Cabot was the first Englishman to discover New England.

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Introductory ESSAYIndustrialism: Why Was England First? Eli Whitney located in other repositories including the Connecticut Historical Society, the Harvard College Library, the Massachusetts Historical Society, the National Archives, the New Haven Colony Historical Society, and the New York Historical Society.